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Milwaukee, Wisconsin


© 2017 by Molly Powell Wellness


About Molly

I am passionate about helping women - especially during their Motherhood Transition: Preconception, Pregnancy and Postpartum. I am a Integrative Nutrition and Fitness Coach, and would love to work with you!
Health is so much more than simply what you weigh or how you look. It's all about balance, and filling your life with loving relationships, creative outlets, a spiritual practice, stress relief, self love and care, exercise and nourishing food. Often elusive for busy women and young mothers, these things may get overlooked. Let me help you regain focus on your health to be the best, most happy version of you!


I believe the road to health and wellness doesn't have to be painful, time consuming, boring or punishment. Rather, the transformation to a healthy lifestyle can pick you up as a person, nourish your mind, body and spirit, and help you become a more happy, productive and calm person that truly enjoys all aspects of her life.


I believe that health is the composition of one's nutrition, lifestyle, environmental factors, relationships, creative outlets, spirituality, and activity level, not just the latest 'diet' or what numbers appear on the scale. That's why when we work together, we won't simply look at the food you eat, but also look at things like reducing stress, sleeping better, fostering nurturing relationships, loving your career, and we'll do it gradually so it's not overwhelming.  I believe that this can be simple (not necessarily easy), and I aim to cut through the bull to help women figure out what makes sense for them. In regards to nutrition, I believe that every woman is unique and has different needs; a one-size fits all diet or detox plan is just not the answer. We'll work to figure out the best solution for you, but generally, you can't go wrong with clean, organic, whole foods. 

I believe every person deserves to discover the power of healing nourishment, fitness and self care and to live a healthy, happy life! I am passionate about helping others feel their best, and believe so strongly that everyone can make these lasting lifestyle changes with a little help.


First of all, I want to say I'm definitely NOT perfect, nor will I ever strive to be (or expect that from you!). Everything is an evolution and relative to our current situation & our goals...I am constantly challenging myself and striving to do better in different aspects of my life. 


Having said that, for about 15 years of my life, I struggled with an unhealthy, disordered eating habits, horrible digestive issues, low energy, acne and serious brain fog. I tried so many (truthfully unhealthy) "diets" I gave up on, forced myself to do workouts I hated, and was not in touch with myself at all; anything 'health' related was painful, time consuming and restrictive. So, instead I ate and drank too much and didn't care much about what it was doing to me. I didn't sleep enough, and I rarely made time to meditate or connect with myself. I didn't feel good about myself or my body, and I really wasn't being true to myself in finding a solution. Deep down, I knew I wanted more and could do more. 


My turning point was realizing that I am deserving and capable of being healthy and concentrating on myself, and no one else is going to do that for me. I had to take ownership and make the changes necessary to be the person I wanted to be.  I began taking my own health seriously.


My 'why' started with simply wanting to feel vibrant and athletic again, and I began to work out during my lunch hours at my office's small gym. I couldn't believe how much better I felt after workouts...somehow I had more energy afterwards!? Feeling this good made me want to change my diet to eat more healthy, and I started to notice improvements in my health that I never knew could improve: I slept better, I had more energy, my brain fog lifted, and (best of all) I stopped having horrible digestive issues. Oh, and my body composition changed dramatically (not necessarily the scale, though!). I started having a sense of appreciation and awe for my body (which helped me tremendously later on in my life during pregnancy, labor & delivery, and my postpartum time). I started experimenting on myself with new ways of eating, different workouts and mindset practices, and continued to feel better and better. This fueled--and still fuels--my passion to help empower and educate others to do the same! 


Now, my 'why' is so I can live to be super old yet still have a vibrant, healthy mind and body. My family has a history of autoimmune diseases & heart disease, and I simply REFUSE to let that happen to me. I want to be running around playing with my great grandkids one day...and there's absolutely nothing stopping me but me. That vision helps me stay centered on a goal when I'm feeling crappy or like throwing my hands up.

I hope to hear your 'why'...what's fueling you to want to focus on your health?

  • BIRTHFIT Milwaukee Regional Director

  • Certified Personal Trainer, ACE (2017)

  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Exercise Course 1 & 2, Prague School of Rehabilitation (2018)

  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition (2015-2016)

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit (2016)

  • Reiki Practitioner, Susana Wolds Reiki Master

  • ICEA Certified Childbirth Educator (Fall 2018 Projected) 

  • Bachelor of Science, Conservation & Environmental Science, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (2004-2006)

  • Bachelor of Arts, Communications & Public Relations, University of Dayton (2000-2004)

Education & Experience

I followed my heart and started Molly Powell Wellness in early 2016 after receiving my Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). IIN is a one year program where I received extensive training in holistic nutrition and preventative health, studying over 100 dietary theories, as well as innovative health coaching and behavior change methods, from over 100 world-class educators who are leading physicians, researchers, doctors, and nutrition experts at the forefront of the health and wellness movement. In addition to my formal training on dietary theories and nutrition, I have also done hundreds of hours of self study and research on topics ranging from hormonal imbalances, autoimmune diseases, gut health, gut-brain connection and biohacking to chakra balancing, mindset & mindfulness, eating psychology and food addictions to maternity health, prenatal and postpartum care, and evidence based birth care. In regards to fitness, I have been participating in CrossFit for 3 years and received my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer designation in October of 2016, and I am currently studying for my personal training certification. I am a Level 2 Reiki practitioner, and was attuned by Susana Wolds, Reiki Master, in San Diego, CA in 2015.

In January of 2017, I became a Regional Director for BIRTHFIT Milwaukee, whose mission is to educate and empower women going through their Motherhood Transition through an evolved practice of Fitness, Nutrition, Chiropractic and Mindset. I absolutely love the ability to wrap all of my interests and passions together to help women in this community. BIRTHFIT Milwaukee offers the Prenatal Series (Prenatal Education), Prenatal Fitness, the Postpartum Series, and other educational events. 


I gave birth to my first child, Olivia, in March 2016 and am expecting my second child in March 2018. Becoming a mother has made my life so much richer in so many ways, and has made me even more passionate about helping women take their health into their own hands and challenge the status quo when it comes to what we're told about our health during pregnancy and postpartum. Women are amazing, life-giving beings, and we should treat our bodies as such! 

When I'm not enjoying spending time with my wonderful family and friends, I love to listen to music and see live shows, play the guitar and sing, lift weights, travel, do research on all things health & wellness, hike, camp, backpack, kayak (or anything outdoors, really), read and relax. I am an empathetic listener and deeply, genuinely care about the wellbeing of others. I also don't take life too seriously and just like to have fun. I do a mean Garth (from Wayne's World) impersonation and, despite being almost 5' 10", can limbo with the best of 'em.

Although it's no longer the primary focus of my career, I am still very passionate about sustainability, energy efficiency and the environment, and believe there are many overlaps in living a life with a minimal impact on the environment and personal health. I believe that once we create an awareness around our health, the impacts of what we choose to eat, the energy we put out into the universe, and how we conduct our lives, it helps us become aware of our impact on the environment. It is only through awareness that we can make small changes and steps towards a lifestyle that is healthier & more sustainable for our bodies and healthier & more sustainable for the planet.