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Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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Your skin is your largest organ. What you put on it is absorbed and affects your health, just as much as what you eat. 
Harmful chemicals, such as parabens, phthalates, BHA, DEA, and oxybenzone to name a few, are found in countless personal care products today and have been linked to hormone disruption, allergic reactions, cancer, birth defects and other adverse health reactions. 

Why am I passionate about Beautycounter?

I am very concerned about the chemicals and toxins my family and I are exposed to, and I think everyone has a right to control what goes into their bodies. I’d been eating organic foods for a while when I started researching things that I was using on my skin—makeup, skin care, shampoo & conditioner, lotion, etc.—I found that I was using may harmful chemicals in the products I was using every single day!


I learned that the FDA does not require that cosmetics ingredients or products be approved before they go on the market, and FDA has no power to recall a product from the market. There are no specific tests required to demonstrate the safety of cosmetics or their ingredients, nor are their laws requiring cosmetic companies to share their safety information or product formulations. In fact, the US has not passed a federal law regulating the cosmetic industry or the ingredients used in personal care products since 1938! This may not be a big deal if we were talking about a few questionable chemical ingredients. However, about 10,500 chemicals are registered for use in the cosmetics industry. Women use an average of 12 personal care products containing 168 ingredients daily. And it is obvious that the US is behind: the European Union has banned nearly 1,400 ingredients from cosmetics, yet the US has banned or restricted just 11!


Exposure to toxic chemicals like those found in cosmetics and skin care play are linked to cancer, learning disabilities, infertility, hormone disruption, allergies and other health issues (check out my blog post on endocrine disruptors for more on that specifically). There's also been studies showing that more than 200 synthetic chemicals, many known to be toxic, can be found in nearly all Americans, including newborns who are exposed to chemicals in utero.  


Enough is enough. Chemicals linked to cancer and other health issues do not belong in skin care or cosmetics. We deserve better.


I started to overhaul my makeup bag, shower and medicine cabinet.  But, I quickly realized it was not that easy. First of all, I had a hard time figuring out ingredients in everything. I started going with only "natural" products, but realized I was often giving up on quality and performance, which I wasn’t willing to do, and I still wasn't so sure about just how natural they really were. It took me forever (and a lot of money) trying countless brands and products—many of which just didn’t cut it.


So, when I found a company that married safety and quality, I was sold. Beautycounter has done the work for me—vetting every single ingredient and product to make sure each meets strict safety guidelines. When I had the opportunity to join the Beautycounter team, I knew it was something I couldn’t pass up! Talking to women only about the quality of the food they eat is leaving out a HUGE piece of the health puzzle, so being able to fill in the blanks and offer women personal care products I can trust means the world to me.


I offer free Beautycounter consultations remotely or in person, as well as provide samples for most products. Contact me for more information!

Ways to Get Involved with the Beautycounter Movement

1.) Try our products - they perform and are luxurious. Simply by swapping out your skin care and cosmetics, you're voting with your dollars!

2.) Band of Beauty member -  Our Members receive some incredible perks:

• Free shipping on all orders over $100

• 15% product credit with every order

• Special surprises and offers exclusively for members

3.) Host a Social - it's so easy! I will do everything, all you need to do is invite the guest list! As a hostess, you'll be able to receive free products, depending on the social total. I'd love to meet your friends and share this mission! Contact me for more info and to get one scheduled!

4.) Beautycounter consultant - we are educators, and share the Mission with as many people as possible. This is why our products are not sold on counters. Know you are making a difference while making extra money; it doesn't get much better than that. Whether you have 2 hours a week or 30 hours a week, it can be for you!

  • Consultants pay $85 to join and receive a business kit with materials to use as they get started and access to training and support tools located in a Consultant-only portal called Behind the Counter.

  • All Consultants are given a Personal Website, where they can sell products easily and remotely

  • Consultants receive a 25% savings on products

  • Receive income based on you sales and recruitment efforts of 25 - 35% commission! 

  • No inventory is needed, and you don't have to buy anything you don't want to!