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Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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Preconception Wellness Class

You are the Seed and the Soil


For those contemplating getting pregnant! Regardless if you've had children before, this is a great way to reset your health so you can prepare your body in the best way possible for a healthy pregnancy. Partners are welcome and encouraged to attend.



This course will cover many topics, including, but not limited to:

  • Fertility and conception basics

  • Conscious conception

  • Stress: impacts on hormones & fertility and management techniques

  • Mindfulness & mindset

  • Relationship health & communication techniques

  • Relationship roles and impacts on hormones

  • Preparing for change

  • Fitness

  • Nutrition, especially as it relates to fertility and hormones

  • Environmental toxins & how they affect fertility

  • Natural detoxification (no, I'm not talking about juice cleanses!)

  • Recommended reading 

  • And more!

All information is based on sound, evidence-based research and compiled just for you! You'll leave armed with information in a helpful packet so that you can reference everything later on. In addition, there are several exercises for you to work on individually and as a couple to help prepare mentally, physically and emotionally for being new parents.


I conduct in-person or remote classes with individuals or couples, depending on their need. Classes are typically 3 hours in length. Dates and times can be chosen upon registration.


In-person - Great for those in the Milwaukee that would like to connect with other women/couples, share in person, and ask/hear others' questions and ideas.

Live Remote Webinar - Great for busy people or those not in Milwaukee.


Many women and couples wonder what to do to prepare their bodies and minds prior to pregnancy, but it can be difficult to wade through all of the information out there. I have put the best of the best research and education together for you and boil it down into one 3-hour class. It's never to early to make changes to positively impact your health and fertility! 


$120 for one 3-hour class*

*If you have other couples that are also interested and would like to coordinate attending together, please let me know. I offer discounts for more than one couple.