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Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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Workshop Facilitation

Topics I Love to Speak About


  • Digestive health 

  • Functional Fitness

  • Nutrition, Fitness and Mindset for Mothers and Mothers-to-Be

  • Time Management

  • Willpower and Change Behavior

  • Eating for Energy

  • Whole Foods

  • How & Why to Avoid Sugar & Gluten

  • Healthy Foods for the Whole Family (Recipes & Foods Kids Love!)

  • Safer Beauty

  • How to Avoid Environmental Toxins

  • Essential Oils 101

  • Stress Management Techniques 


  • Beautycounter

Facilitation comes from the root 'facil' which means to make easy. My job as a facilitatior is to make complex issues easy for groups to come to conculsuions and have a clear path.

I have extensive experience and training in public speaking and leading group discussions.