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Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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Personal Fitness Training



Functional movements

Prenatal & Postpartum fitness

Core stability 

Strength training


As a Certified Personal Trainer and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, I will help you take a whole new approach to how your body moves so you can apply that to real life.
Why Work with a Personal Trainer?
Fitness - being able to move functionally and pain free - is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. Personal training is an investment in your long term health of mind, body and spirit.
My Training Philosophy:
  • No two training programs are alike. I will meet you where you are at, regardless of your fitness level, goals, fitness background or needs. Everything can be scaled appropriately, so whether you've never worked out before, have only run in the past, or are a seasoned athlete looking for more personalized help or accountability, I've got you covered. Maybe you'd like to build the confidence to run that 5k or join that gym near you. Personalized training gives you an opportunity to work on things in a supportive, safe environment. 
  • I focus on building a strong core, and no, that does not mean doing sit-ups & crunches. Our core is the foundation of every movement we make every day; to avoid things like back pain, we must learn to properly engage and train the core. We'll also focus on building a strong posterior chain to avoid back injury.
  • I focus on functional fitness, which simply means that the strength, endurance, stability and range of motion you'll gain translates to real-world activities. 
  • We will focus on all areas of fitness: stamina, stability, endurance, range of motion, agility, power, speed and strength. We'll also train in all planes.
This is more than just "working out"...this is training for LIFE. In order to achieve this, fitness programming must be varied and thoughtful.